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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Superintendency \Su`per*in*tend"en*cy\, n.; pl. {-cies}.
   The act of superintending; superintendence. --Boyle.

Inadvertence \In`ad*vert"ence\; pl. {-ces}, Inadvertency
\In`ad*vert"en*cy\; pl. {-cies}, n. [Cf. F. inadvertance.]
   1. The quality of being inadvertent; lack of heedfulness or
      attentiveness; inattention; negligence; as, many mistakes
      proceed from inadvertence.

            Inadvertency, or want of attendance to the sense and
            intention of our prayers.             --Jer. Taylor.

   2. An effect of inattention; a result of carelessness; an
      oversight, mistake, or fault from negligence.

            The productions of a great genius, with many lapses
            an inadvertencies, are infinitely preferable to
            works of an inferior kind of author which are
            scrupulously exact.                   --Addison.

   Syn: Inattention; heedlessness; carelessness; negligence;
        thoughtlessness. See {Inattention}.