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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Cadaverine \Ca*dav"er*ine\, n. Also -in \-in\ . [From
   {Cadaver}.] (Chem.)
   A sirupy, nontoxic ptomaine, {C5H14N2} (chemically
   pentamethylene diamine), formed in putrefaction of flesh,

Tetrazine \Tet*raz"ine\, n. Also -in \-in\ . [Tetrazo- + -ine.]
   A hypothetical compound, {C2H2N4} which may be regarded as
   benzene with four {CH} groups replaced by nitrogen atoms;
   also, any of various derivatives of the same. There are three
   isomeric varieties.

-in \-in\
   A suffix. See the Note under {-ine}.