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Ave Maria

Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Ave Maria \A"ve Ma*ri"a\, Ave Mary \A"ve Ma"ry\ [From the first
   words of the Roman Catholic prayer to the Virgin Mary; L. ave
   hail, Maria Mary.]
   1. A salutation and prayer to the Virgin Mary, as mother of
      God; -- used in the Roman Catholic church.

            To number Ave Maries on his beads.    --Shak.

   2. A particular time (as in Italy, at the ringing of the
      bells about half an hour after sunset, and also at early
      dawn), when the people repeat the Ave Maria.

            Ave Maria ! blessed be the hour !     --Byron.

Source : WordNet®

Ave Maria
     n : a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to Her
         [syn: {Hail Mary}]
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