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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Avenue \Av"e*nue\, n. [F. avenue, fr. avenir to come to, L.
   advenire. See {Advene}.]
   1. A way or opening for entrance into a place; a passage by
      which a place may by reached; a way of approach or of
      exit. ``The avenues leading to the city by land.''

            On every side were expanding new avenues of inquiry.

   2. The principal walk or approach to a house which is
      withdrawn from the road, especially, such approach
      bordered on each side by trees; any broad passageway thus

            An avenue of tall elms and branching chestnuts. --W.

   3. A broad street; as, the Fifth Avenue in New York.

Source : WordNet®

     n 1: a line of approach; "they explored every avenue they could
          think of"; "it promises to open new avenues to
     2: a wide street or thoroughfare [syn: {boulevard}]
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