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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Methenyl \Meth"e*nyl\, n. [Methene + -yl.] (Chem.)
   The hypothetical hydrocarbon radical {CH}, regarded as an
   essential residue of certain organic compounds.

Azole \Az"ole\, n. [From {Azote}.] (Org. Chem.)
   Any of a large class of compounds characterized by a
   five-membered ring which contains an atom of nitrogen and at
   least one other noncarbon atom (nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur).
   The prefixes furo-, thio, and pyrro- are used to distinguish
   three subclasses of azoles, which may be regarded as derived
   respectively from furfuran, thiophene, and pyrrol by
   replacement of the {CH} group by nitrogen; as, furo-monazole.
   Names exactly analogous to those for the azines are also
   used; as, oxazole, diazole, etc.

Tetrazine \Tet*raz"ine\, n. Also -in \-in\ . [Tetrazo- + -ine.]
   A hypothetical compound, {C2H2N4} which may be regarded as
   benzene with four {CH} groups replaced by nitrogen atoms;
   also, any of various derivatives of the same. There are three
   isomeric varieties.

Tetrazole \Tet*raz"ole\, n. [Tetrazo- + -ole.] (Org. Chem.)
   A crystalline acid substance, {CH2N4}, which may be regarded
   as pyrrol in which nitrogen atoms replace three {CH} groups;
   also, any of various derivatives of the same.

Source : Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

         An {interpreted} programming language sold by {Soft
        Integration} and marketed for {scripting}, {shell
        programming}, and graph plotting, it is a superset of
        {C}/{C++}.  Ch is also the name of Soft Integration's
        {interpreter} for the language.  Currently the Ch interpreter
        is available for {Windows}, {Solaris}, {HP-UX}, {Linux}, and
        {Mac} platforms.
        {Soft Integration (}.

         The {country code} for Switzerland.
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