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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

; -- called also {methol}, {carbinol}, etc.

   {Methyl amine} (Chem.), a colorless, inflammable, alkaline
      gas, {CH3.NH2}, having an ammoniacal, fishy odor. It is
      produced artificially, and also occurs naturally in
      herring brine and other fishy products. It is regarded as
      ammonia in which a third of its hydrogen is replaced by
      methyl, and is a type of the class of substituted

   {Methyl ether} (Chem.), a light, volatile ether {CH3.O.CH3},
      obtained by the etherification of methyl alcohol; --
      called also {methyl oxide}.

   {Methyl green}. (Chem.) See under {Green}, n.

   {Methyl orange}. (Chem.) See {Helianthin}.

   {Methyl violet} (Chem.), an artificial dye, consisting of
      certain methyl halogen derivatives of rosaniline.
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