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I Florentina

Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Orris \Or"ris\, n. [Prob. corrupted from It. ireos iris. See
   {Iris}.] (Bot.)
   A plant of the genus {Iris} ({I. Florentina}); a kind of
   flower-de-luce. Its rootstock has an odor resembling that of

   {Orris pea} (Med.), an issue pea made from orris root.

   {Orris root}, the fragrant rootstock of the orris.

Flower-de-luce \Flow"er-de-luce"\, n. [Corrupted fr.
   fleur-de-lis.] (Bot.)
   A genus of perennial herbs ({Iris}) with swordlike leaves and
   large three-petaled flowers often of very gay colors, but
   probably white in the plant first chosen for the royal French

   Note: There are nearly one hundred species, natives of the
         north temperate zone. Some of the best known are {Iris
         Germanica}, {I. Florentina}, {I. Persica}, {I.
         sambucina}, and the American {I. versicolor}, {I.
         prismatica}, etc.
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