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S Marilandica

Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Snakeroot \Snake"root`\, n. (Bot.)
   Any one of several plants of different genera and species,
   most of which are (or were formerly) reputed to be
   efficacious as remedies for the bites of serpents; also, the
   roots of any of these.

   Note: The Virginia snakeroot is {Aristolochia Serpentaria};
         black snakeroot is {Sanicula}, esp. {S. Marilandica},
         also {Cimicifuga racemosa}; Seneca snakeroot is
         {Polygala Senega}; button snakeroot is {Liatris}, also
         {Eryngium}; white snakeroot is {Eupatorium
         ageratoides}. The name is also applied to some others
         besides these.
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