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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Tench \Tench\, n. [OF. tenche, F. tanche, L. tinca.] (Zo["o]l.)
   A European fresh-water fish ({Tinca tinca}, or {T. vulgaris})
   allied to the carp. It is noted for its tenacity of life.

Torpedo \Tor*pe"do\, n.; pl. {Torpedoes}. [L. torpedo, -inis,
   from torpere to be stiff, numb, or torpid. See {Torpid}.]
   1. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of numerous species of elasmobranch
      fishes belonging to {Torpedo} and allied genera. They are
      related to the rays, but have the power of giving
      electrical shocks. Called also {crampfish}, and
      {numbfish}. See {Electrical fish}, under {Electrical}.

   Note: The common European torpedo ({T. vulgaris}) and the
         American species ({T. occidentalis}) are the best

   2. An engine or machine for destroying ships by blowing them
      up. Specifically:
      (a) A quantity of explosives anchored in a channel,
          beneath the water, or set adrift in a current, and so
          arranged that they will be exploded when touched by a
          vessel, or when an electric circuit is closed by an
          operator on shore.
      (b) A kind of small submarine boat carrying an explosive
          charge, and projected from a ship against another ship
          at a distance, or made self-propelling, and otherwise
          automatic in its action against a distant ship.

   3. (Mil.) A kind of shell or cartridge buried in earth, to be
      exploded by electricity or by stepping on it.

   4. (Railroad) A kind of detonating cartridge or shell placed
      on a rail, and exploded when crushed under the locomotive
      wheels, -- used as an alarm signal.

   5. An explosive cartridge or shell lowered or dropped into a
      bored oil well, and there exploded, to clear the well of
      obstructions or to open communication with a source of
      supply of oil.

   6. A kind of firework in the form of a small ball, or pellet,
      which explodes when thrown upon a hard object.

   {Fish torpedo}, a spindle-shaped, or fish-shaped,
      self-propelling submarine torpedo.

   {Spar torpedo}, a canister or other vessel containing an
      explosive charge, and attached to the end of a long spar
      which projects from a ship or boat and is thrust against
      an enemy's ship, exploding the torpedo.

   {Torpedo boat}, a vessel adapted for carrying, launching,
      operating, or otherwise making use of, torpedoes against
      an enemy's ship.
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