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Source : WordNet®

     n 1: the act of implementing the control of equipment with
          advanced technology; usually involving electronic
          hardware; "automation replaces human workers by
          machines" [syn: {mechanization}, {mechanisation}]
     2: the condition of being automatically operated or controlled;
        "automation increases productivity"
     3: equipment used to achieve automatic control or operation;
        "this factory floor is a showcase for automation and
        robotic equipment"

Source : Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

        Automatic, as opposed to human, operation or control of a
        process, equipment or a system; or the techniques and
        equipment used to achieve this.  Most often applied to
        computer (or at least electronic) control of a manufacturing
        See also {design automation}, {office automation},
        {manularity}, {Manufacturing Automation Protocol}, {PEARL},
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