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Source : Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Avaricious \Av`a*ri"cious\, a. [Cf. F. avaricieux.]
   Actuated by avarice; greedy of gain; immoderately desirous of
   accumulating property.

   Syn: Greedy; stingy; rapacious; griping; sordid; close.

   Usage: {Avaricious}, {Covetous}, {Parsimonious}, {Penurious},
          {Miserly}, {Niggardly}. The avaricious eagerly grasp
          after it at the expense of others, though not of
          necessity with a design to save, since a man may be
          covetous and yet a spendthrift. The penurious,
          parsimonious, and miserly save money by disgraceful
          self-denial, and the niggardly by meanness in their
          dealing with others. We speak of persons as covetous
          in getting, avaricious in retaining, parsimonious in
          expending, penurious or miserly in modes of living,
          niggardly in dispensing. -- {Av`a*ri"cious*ly}, adv.
          -- {Av`a*ri"cious*ness}, n.

Source : WordNet®

     n : extreme greed for material wealth [syn: {avarice}, {covetousness},
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